Peanut and Missy on the Farm in Kansas

They Look Like they Own the Place, Don’t They Peanut visits Missy on The Farm in Kansas



Pain in the Arse

Peanut is in to stealing food, lately. I feed him twice a day, however, he can snatch food off a plate at the speed of lightning. I may walk away to get some salt of more of something and I will come back and see him take off with my dinner or dessert and head off for under the bed. If I could get under my bed I would grab it from him.

This is Peanut meeting Milo as he is taking a walk in the hood. If Milo knew what a little food stealer Peanut was he would keep walking.


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Peanut’s Special Empathy Powers

I’ve not experienced anything like this. It’s amazing to me,,,just amazing.

I’ve been sick and the last few days have been pretty brutal in the category of pain. I have what is being called neuropathy in my rib-cage, the past few days on my right side. Peanut sleeps with me. He likes to burrow deep down beneath the covers near my feet. When I wake in the mornings he is so excited and jumps on my stomach or chest.

The last couple mornings he has carefully walked over my legs instead of the area that has been in so much pain. How do you think he knows this? I’ve heard of dogs that can sense a seizure coming on in his owner, but not dogs that sense the area of pain in his owner.

Just amazing to me. Love you Peanut and thank you for walking around me instead of on me these painful days.


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Peanut and the Glacier

Peanut and I have a loving friend named Stu. Sometimes Stu likes Peanut and sometimes he just fakes it. Yesterday, I’m sure he sort of faked it.

I’ve been sick lately and Stu brought over some firewood and soup. Stu let Peanut out to go to the bathroom and then proceeded to split the firewood out by the creek. I was snuggled in bed, under my warm comforter trying to get rid of this crud of a cold, when Stu came to the door and asked if Peanut was in bed with me. I felt around,,,,he loves to burrow under the covers. No, he is not. Stu,,,pretending to like Peanut, says, Uh Oh.

So I drag my big patootie out of bed, push my feet into my mules, put on my North Face and start yelling for PEANUT, PEANUT,,,,from my 2nd floor deck. It was hard to hear anything but the roar of the creek below, but I finally spotted the rascal camouflaged by the brown winter leaves on the OTHER side of the creek. The side that he is not allowed. The side where skunks, raccoons, dead animal carcasses, and bears live.

Peanut was stuck. Peanut was dry. Peanut must have hitched a ride on a glacier or an ice bridge. Peanut could not remember which one. I run for his doggy treats. I run down the stairs and yell at Stu to STOP! Don’t walk on that ice bridge to get that naughty dog! That’s all I need is my loving friend that is not even pretending to like Peanut now, fall into the icy Fountain Creek.

Peanut hears the crackling sound of his treat bag through the roar of the creek. Dogs have good ears. He starts to cross an ice bridge, but thinks again, backing off. He walks through the woods to find a half a snowy ice bridge; he MUST get to that doggy treat. He runs across the icy bridge to where it ends and leaps in the air to land on the side where he is allowed.

I yell my command, UP, HOME! He runs up the stairs to the deck, takes his treat and runs in the house and under the bed. Naughty Peanut!

Borrowed picture of Fountain Creek in the winter

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Paige Ruby and Peanut the Dog

Peanut peeping in on Paige Ruby. With a new grand-daughter in the house, all the dogs, Peanut, Josie and Elsie were relegated to the backyard on our visit to Oklahoma last week.

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Peanut and Deke Collins, The Electrician

Peanut and Deke Collins the Electrician

PEANUT! You scared us! when I returned home from work, the deck gate was wide open and you did not come when I called for you. I was devastated.  Where is my Peanut?…I was visualizing life without you for a split second and it was just too painful so I continued to call your name. Peanut! I noticed the screen door was open and when I reached for the door it was unlocked. Hmmmm. I opened the door and noticed the toilet seat was up in the bathroom. Who’s been using the toilet? Oh Peanut, I know you are smart but you don’t use the toilet. And then you came running to me from the bedroom. Oh Peanut. Thank you God! I yelled “Hello?” “Hello.” I heard nothing but NPR on the radio which I left on while I was at work and the jingle of Peanut’s metal tags on his collar. Then I heard someone walking up the stairs. It was Deke Collins, the electrician who has been doing work on the house the past couple weeks. He looked a little rattled. He greeted Peanut first. I asked him where his van was. It wasn’t in the lot when I came home. He said he had been out searching for Peanut. He thought he had escaped while he was on the deck and in the house. I told him I found him in the house. Deke looked so relieved and gave Peanut a good pat. Peanut was clueless about how valuable and loved his little Self is.


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Rainy Day on Ruxton

Peanut intent on every drop of rain on Ruxton.


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